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Shawn Marion raw nigga froga from the Phoenix suns
Steve: dog did see the matrix
Amare: wit Keanu Reeves
Steve: wit Shawn Marion you dumbass he does stuff that cant be done
by Batman forever June 07, 2005
A movie trilogy in which the quality progressively sucks.
Dude...the first one rocked...but the other two, like, sucked.
by Bob the Builder November 15, 2003
a sert of organize numbers that is mostly used on calculators
look on your calculators
by Jesus November 12, 2003
The Matrix is a modern day 1984-ish trilogy
1984 did the whole Matrix thing way before that Neo came around.
The Matrix- A poor mans 1984 revised for mass consumption.
by IdontKnow! November 19, 2007
v. TO BE IN THE MATRIX - means to be high and/or tripping balls.
After about 2 hits Daryl was in the Matrix.
by VodkanLemons November 08, 2005
1. A hugely overrated film, with two sequels that even the die-hards couldn't love - even if they did when they watched the trailer.

2. The only computer game less interactive than Myst.

3. Proof positive people want to add non-meanings and subtext to whatever film they like in order to sound intelligent, despite watching an exceedingly dumb film 20,000 times.
Just do a Google search...
by OD Smith February 16, 2005
Synonomous with any sequesnce of events or a series in which part 1 will hook someone, only to later be dragged through big piles of shit for the following parts.
I went to this porn page and the girl in the free tour was so hot I signed up. After they got my money I found out it was a Matrix-esque scam.
by 2&3 blow November 16, 2003