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Phrase employed to sarcastically imply that the answer to the question being posed is indubitably 'yes'.

See Do one legged ducks swim in circles?
Q: "Joan, does my crossdressing mean that our marriage is over?"
A: "Does a bear shit in the woods?"
by redgyul September 23, 2004
An urbanization of "Oh come come now, my esteemed African-American brother....surely you jest."
"I done had the LaRone triplets, twice!"
"Nigga please, you ain't had s***."
by redgyul September 23, 2004
n. Cross between "slut" and "whore". Used to reference a woman who indiscriminately shares the beds of anyone who shows interest, often without protection and/or discretion.
Person1: "That chick who sued Kobe had different guys' sperm in her."
Person2: "What a slore."
by redgyul September 21, 2004
A phrase used to express the intent of violence, literally translated as "knuckle up if you're buck wild". As popularized by Crime Mob.
Rowdy Clubgoer #1: "You just stepped on my $%^& Timbs...."
Rowdy Clubgoer #2: "Well whatcha gonna no n*gga?! Knuck if you buck!!"
by redgyul November 22, 2004
1. inf. To be inconsiderate and selfish

2. adj. So hot, sexy and/or tight it defies description and boggles the mind.

3. n. The sum of a series of numbers divided by the number of numbers.
1. He was so mean for not calling me back.

2. "I got this model chick/ She don't cook or clean/But she dress that @ss off/ And her walk is mean..." ~ Jay-Z

3. The mean of 1,2 and 6 is 3.
by redgyul September 21, 2004
v. To hold or to have. Can be used variable contexts, from having a weapon to having a large body part.

See packing.
"He was packin heat at the club; must've paid the bouncer off."
"Don't let his size 7 shoe fool you girl, that boy is packin."
by redgyul September 21, 2004
An exclaimation employed by Michael Jackson in a number of his songs, most notably "Man in the Mirror". In actuality, the phrase likely to be Jacksonalization of "Come on".
"You gotta make a change! Schmon! (Make that change)"
by redgyul September 22, 2004

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