A computer program that makes you believe that your in your own world, in reality the real world is controlled by AI Agents, and they use human beings as an energy source, because our bodies produce shitloads of energy
I take a shit on The Matrx
by ac February 13, 2004
A movie that has good concept and philosiphy, but was overrated by special effects and political attention.

The matrix is a computer system that makes up for a false conscousness for people, brainwashing them into believing anything they want. This sums up for all the real psychics, clarvoyants, and telekenis-enabled people, they have simple overcome certain elements of the matrix.

Compare to academia
Time Cube shows us that acedamie exists only to brainwash humans with word god.
by restin256 November 16, 2003
Term used to describe the philosophic concept/idea that reality as we perceive it is not the 'true reality', but a shared make-belief acting as a layer to shield off true reality. Usually this make-belief reality, or virtual reality, is controlled by a malicious entity.

The concept stems from (Christian) Gnosticism, which resolved around the idea that we live in a world that isn't true, and that's created by a malicious god. The goal of gnostics is to break free from this world (and hence gain control of it).

The influence of Plato's cave allegory is clear in both gnosticism and the Matrix-movie, but with the significant difference that Plato's cave allegory meant was meant to embody the idea that reality as we perceive it is merely the shadow of the true reality, aka the world of ideas.
Woa, so gnosticism basically comes down to us being in the Matrix?
by Egregius November 16, 2003
an excellent movie that has fantastic SPFX, a semi decent story line, mediocre acting and awesome fight scenes, which grabs the viewer into believing that these movies are the best thing since STAR WARS, only to find that the next two movies where written and directed by intoxicated watchers of the tele tubbies, turning what is possibly the best original movie in years into the good part of the worst method of spending my hard earned money to see a movie when the trailer is so much better than the movie itself
I saw the first matrix, it was awesome. I can't wait for the sequels!
I saw the second movie, it didnt make alot of sense, and it was nearly all dialog.
I saw the third movie, thank fuck neo died, I hate the bastard! I wan't the last two and a half hours of my life back!!! What a crock of shit
by Evil January 09, 2004
1. The result of man's constant development of technology.
2. The fall of mankind.
3. 1 2 3
The matrix will develop, if humanity is to develop towards it.
by abcmonkey November 11, 2003
Agreat film with top of da range sfx which kick ass not only that but great frubin actors and actresses aswel. The first film was da best but all that followed were frubin great also. Keanu Reeves rocks and all that say he doesn't r jst stupid and blind
The trilogy of da matrix rules.
by angela anaconda November 17, 2003
The first great movie trilogy ever made.
The Matrix kicks ass.
by Ghost Freeman November 15, 2003
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