the band i love and that are now splitting up because they are so fucked up that they cant see what they are doing to each other.....and to me.
whatever happened to the likely lads
by joanne November 27, 2004
Top Definition
The Libertines are a British band who love British culture, drugs, alcohol, sex, and rock and roll. Considered by some to be "the only current band that actually acts like a real rock and roll band" due to their infamously scandalous history.

The members are Pete Doherty (notorious adorable crackhead sleazegod) on guitar/vocals, Carl Barat (seedy yet respectable sex idol with the best hair and arse) on guitar/vocals, John Hassall (more quiet member, favored by Adam Green, with famous cheekbones) on bass, and Gary Powell (Sadly sometimes ignored yet absolutely amazing) on drums. The media however, LOVES focusing on the troubles and love-hate relationship of Pete and Carl, thus the other 2 members are hardly seen.
The Libertines' music is reminiscent of The Clash, The Jam, and even some reggae. One album was produced by Mick Jones of The Clash. Their songs are deep, dancy, melodic, and of course, oh so sassy. Go do yourself a favor and listen to these beautiful British lads.
by stray April 13, 2005
The greatest band ever.
Listen to Up The Bracket or the singles -don't look back into the sun-
by Emilou March 29, 2004
Ostensibly an English band comprised of four members but only two are ever seen: look up Carlos Barat and Pete Doherty. They sail on the Albion towards Arcadia on their quest to save rock n'roll. They used to hustle.
My name is John and I'm in the Libertines; get a microscope.
by Maria Varela November 15, 2003
amazing british band who wear red english millitary jackets, headed by a sleazy sexgod and a delerious yet completely lovely crackhead poet. with a kickass drummer and skinny cute bassist that shows no emotion whatsoever. who are into union jack, smoking, girls, secret rooftop gigs,and refrences to herion. who have millions of annoying artsy british teenage girl fans.
' the libertines are cool'
'....true dat...'
by pshhvertigoYA August 09, 2004
A wonderful British band troubled by drugs and alcohol usage.

Favoured by Mick Jones of The Clash.

Two members are homogay*

One amazing drummer.

And a bassist who hardly ever smiles.

*this may be a lie, don't sue me.
"Love's welcome, no matter what angle it comes from."

"Even from behind"
by hold_your_stage May 03, 2004
Troublesome quartet in red who rock your bloody socks off!

~*The Arcadian Dream will set you free!*~
the Albion sails on course
by pseudonym March 30, 2005
NME Magazines 'answer to The Strokes,but they're british,they have fitter members and better music on a whole' Pete Doherty is going out with kate moss.Caros Barat is hanging around with confused looking indie B-Listers.John Hassall has his own band Yeti(quite good actually) and Gary?....
Good Question what is Gary doing at the mo?.....
by Lordette Marz February 08, 2005
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