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When a guy convinces a girl (usually a familiar sex partner) who is menstruating, to lay/sit down and start masturbating. Whilst she is doing this the guy turns off all the lights and closes the blinds, then shines a torch or 'lamp' (anything bright) and focus' the light on her vagina whilst blood proceeds to come out due to the masturbation. At this point it is customary for the guy to yell out: (with one fist pumping the air) "CAAAAAAAARN THE LAMP!"
Mate 1 - "Oh boys, my missus was having a really heavy period yesterday, so I got my torch and started treating myself to a ... yep, you got it - CAAAAAAAAARN THE LAMP!"

Mate 2 - "You sick bastard, I hope you put a tarp down this time... CAAAAAAAAAAAARN THE LAMP!"
by Norm M August 08, 2011
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