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The name of the Massachusetts dodgeball team known all around the central mass area. Their skill is unmatched by any others especially their rivals the Golden Horde.
The Grizzlies won the dodgeball tournament tonight with pure domination.
by beardude October 04, 2006
Defecation involving gaseous and semi-solid material evacuating the anal cavity with such ferocity that it sounds like a large brown bear native to the Northwestern area of North America.
Last night I ate at Chili's and I had such a bad case of the grizzlies in the morning that my back hurt and my ears were rining. Needless to say, I wish there would have been a seatbelt on the toilet.
by Big McNasty November 29, 2007
the dodgeball team known around central mass as a joke. they should not be taken seriously. they get defeated by cowapowa every friday. they should not be taken seriously and they are an embarassment to dodgeball. its sad that they think theyre good.
wolfie bran mike beany danny sully & anthony = The Grizzlies. yuck.
by Domination. October 15, 2006
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