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A private prep school in Washington, DC that runs grades from 7th to 12th.

The school is fairly small for the amount of grades it has; maybe about 60 kids in each grade.

The school is located on Foxhall Road next to Georgetown, on a multi-million dollar campus.

The tuition is almost 30,000$ a year to attend and the application process is one of the toughest in the city.

The students are super hot and don't care about a lot of the bullshit neighboring highschools care about (like who has the orangest skin).

Although the school isn't known for it's sports, the past year alone the school won 4 sports championship banners.

Overall it's an amazing school with gorgeous people and teachers. The only downside was the ex-seniors; they created a horrible rep for the school.
Field student 1: Oh hey Tom, how's that landrover treating you?
Field Student 2: It's okay....I think im getting a lexus next week though so it's all good.
Field student 3: Yeah my beemer is always at the Field school. I never take it home really.
by foreveryoung July 10, 2008
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Also known as the "Druggy School," the Field School is a place where people go when they want an excuse to do drugs, alcohol, and sex. Called this due to the fact that the first Field school was in a Marijuana Field.
Actually, a pretty cool place that's just really chill and relaxed. And good for it- a lot of private schools around DC maybe shouldn't take as many pills as Field, but one they should is a chill pill. Also, some really cool people go there.
Maret Kid: Haha you go to The Field School! DRUGGY!
Field Kid: Hey you are too just admit it.
Sidwell Kid: Shut up you're high all the time!
Field Kid: That's a stereotype. And do I look like I'm high?
GDS Kid: Whateva! We do lots of hw so you're inferior!
Wilson Kid: Hey guys.
Maret, Sidwell, and GDS Kid: OH SHIT PUBLIC SCHOOL KID *they run away and hide*
Field Kid: Hey, thanks. They need to take a chill pill.
Wilson Kid: So true
by Mr. Obviously Obvious November 08, 2009
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A school in Northwest DC. It used to be in a town house downtown, but then it moved to a big mansion, and changed like crazy.

This school is so uptight, and you get in trouble for the stupidest things.

Most of the kids are stoned all the time, as well as some of the teachers.

Almost every single kid that attends this school has ADD, ADHD or some other learning disability.

They are starting to let in really weird kids, and the middle schoolers are so fucking annoying and think they rule the school.
hasn;t field realized that it sucks now?
by koppolop April 13, 2005
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