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A private prep school in DC, near Georgetown. It runs grades 7-12 but is pretty small, around 400 kids.

It used to be two trashy houses until it moved to the ex-Cafritz mansion on Foxhall Road and started bulding multi-million dollar facilities. The tuition is also one of the highest in washington.

The student body is very diverse, although it is continually turning into a ralph lauren add. Everyone is nice, except for the younger grades (can you say mean girls?).

The teachers are called by their first names and tend to be right out of harvard or yale and gorgeous.

It isn't as competative at sports as neighboring schools but still continues to wins multiple banners every years.

It has a bad rep, but Field is actually amazing. Oh, and the entire student body has amazing cars.
Visi girl: Look at the girl over there...she's so gorgeous...what school does she go to?
Gonzaga guy: Uhh i think the Field School?
Visi girl: Oh...EW...just kidding.
Gonzaga guy: Sike, those girls are hot now- hotter than you orange bitches at least.
by seniorgirl08 July 10, 2008

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