A great punk band with a lead singer than screams into the mic and somehow makes it sound beautiful.
The Distillers roxor my soxors.
by PaulJar the Pornostar November 20, 2003
Awesome band with a great lead singer.
Brodie is a great singer, just bcuz she doesn't sound like all other female singers doesn't mean she's a bad singer, it makes her better.
by misbhaven July 29, 2003
A bad ass punk/hardcore band. One of the best female front-woman in history
The Distillers Rock
by Nater June 02, 2003
The best female fronted band with the best and hottest front person
Did you see the Distillers last night? The rocked.
by Distilla Truant February 19, 2004
A great, great, band. Put down because the lead singer + guitarist cheated on her husband Tim Armstrong from the band Rancid. Oh please, everyone cheats on eveyone. Move on.
No matter what other people think, I think Coral Fang was a great album.
by juliet January 26, 2004
A band thats really scary
I can't sleep at night because i'm afraid brody will come and kill me
by noflyway99 April 19, 2005

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