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Great punk band, fronted by Australian born Brody Dalle, used to be married to Tim Armstrong of The Transplants, Rancid, and ex-Operation Ivy. Divorced after brody cheated with QOTSA singer. Who gives! she's only doing what everyone else does. whoever you are, you shouldn't hate Brody because of one stupid thing because you know she's beautiful, a mad guitar player, writes better songs than you ever will, and somehow makes screaming the most beautiful sound on earth.
Listen to "Sing Sing Death House" album. Also listen to "City of Angels"
by me.1715 January 14, 2005
the funniest movie ever, considering it probably cost about 100 dollars to make. also the father of every quote in an american high school.
NAPOLEON:Tina you fat lard come get some dinner!

KIP:Everyone knows i've been training to be a cage fighter

KIP: You'r just jealous cause i've been chatting online with babes all day

KIP: Your mom goes to college

GUY:what did you do again this summer?
NAPOLEON: I told you I was in alaska with my uncle hunting wolverines!
GUY: Did you shoot any?
NAPOLEON: Yeah like twenty of them, they were surrounding my cousin what would you do in that situation?
GUY: what kind of gun did you use?
NAPOLEON: a frickin' twelve gauge what do you think?

NAPOLEON: Pedro offers you his protection.

DAD: What's that in my driveway?
N: Thats my ride.

NAPOLEON: you must be Pedro's cousins with the sweet hookups!
by me.1715 January 19, 2005

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