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- A crowd of 'music fans' or groupies, most of which are nothing but high maintenance, controlling, arrogant, self centered, jealous, conniving, conceded, back stabbing, hurtful, hate filled, 2-faced, malicious, miserable, catty, gossiping, mentally unstable, clueless, manipulative, obnoxious, trouble making, demanding, pathologically lying sheep, cowards, and drama queens, who ruin the 'scene' (rather than enhance and promote it), and the great music being played.

NOT to be confused with a REAL 'Clan' - which they often like people to think they are. Also not to be confused with the Klu Klux Klan, even though they have a similar value system.

*Note: The phrase "most of which", is not to be mistaken for "all of which". To think every member of "The Clan" was the same, would be an unfair mistake.
Beware of The Clan, for they will make your life a miserable hell. Stay safe and just buy a CD that you can listen to in the comfort of your own home. Be your own person, and don't let others dictate how to live your life.
by As Seen On TV December 06, 2004
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Often a term to reference the KKK clan.
by Wesley Zombie Jesus October 08, 2009
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popular scene kids in Bucks County PA, that everyone knows from myspace. they all look alike and claim that one another stole each others "style" they all suck horribly. and seriously need to get a life. they all say their not scene, and that they have always been like that. their only friends with each other because it fits their style. the clan has 69 members and still counting.
Kayla- "Dayumm yo, the clan just keeps getting bigger"
Jimmy-"OMFG! i hate those scene kids"

Ashley-"WTF! I so wore two belts before you"
Cindy-"Exuse me, Ive worn two belts since the PRE-K"
by Barbieyeayea December 08, 2006
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A group of girls who love to get tag teamed and love cock deep down their throat.
Rachel, laura, sami, and maggie call themselves the clan
by dirtywhores March 20, 2010
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