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A group of online gamers or lanning gamers who fight as a united group.

Often traced back to there been friends, colleges or just fighting for a common goal such as to be the considered best, to be considered a real gamer and not a noob or just fun
Telstra GameArena runs Clan Ladders, where anything up to hundreds of clans usually about 8 ppl can come together and fight on common servers with constant rules. Ie: anti cheating etc

In games such as Cs or Dod
by VisOne March 24, 2003
A word used when somthing is just fuking GREAT! better than anything you can think off
"Shit this Savlo is the fuking Koots"

"Ohh yeh fuking look at his air tracks there the koots"
by VisOne March 28, 2003
Simple folk know for there warm hospitality and readiness to fire shot guns at strangers also know as "Cletus" or "Hick Yuk"
"Nadine is a hillbilly"
by VisOne March 24, 2003
A little site out .org way worth taking a look, just dont take any thing there to seriously
Why is it called inthehut.org?
(This is sort of a weird answer so prepare yourself.) "The hut" in question is the hut you can see on the main page. It is at a football field near Ipswich Road. Alice and Rosie went there one day in October (a.k.a. "Alice and Rosie month") 2000 to watch their brothers play football. Alice liked the hut because she could stand up in it without hitting her head. Then they made a special hand sign to go with the hut which looks like a hut-shape, and then they went around telling people they had never met before (including Steve and Duncan) that they were "in the hut". "In the hut" means cool, except nobody really says it in that context anymore.

by VisOne March 24, 2003
Someone who is a member of Inthehut.org who has posting rights
VisOne, Gnool, Billy are all Huttians
by VisOne July 18, 2003
Look up "VisOne"
"VisOne is know as Little Hardcore"
by VisOne March 25, 2003
"It is dirived from a story involving a man named Graham one day Graham was walking happily along .. for once he was doing nothing "naughty" but because he was in Wynumm there were pulled up to by to police officers... One of the officers then realised he knew graham ... said "Ohh your that GUARM fella"

Thus the Guarm word was invented .. by some hill billy silly copper from out wynumm way that couldnt pronounce Graham .. and from that point on Guarm was used when somthing was unsavoury, nasty or stupid

It has nothing to do with the island
"Man that kebab was Guarm"

"Dang I dont want to know about that Guarm Shit"
by VisOne March 24, 2003

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