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From that gay ass song where the farmer picks the wife, etc etc and the cheese stands alone. Meant to describe the odd one out in a group because they're single (without a boyfriend/girlfriend).
"We're triple dating, but what about Nadia? She's The Cheese right now..."
by Branden May 21, 2004
the most hardcore gang ever, consisting of master cheese and brie. if you ever take them on, they will fuck you up.
un-suspecting victim: hey man, lets go fight the cheeses

*2 hours later in hospital*

unsuspecting victim: owwwwwwww
by rimz_69 January 18, 2009
Great Mother Fuckin' Weed
Man, i was wasted last night. The Cheese fuckin' rules!
by |Daev| June 28, 2004
Reference to the common police officer or officers.
We were having a great time the other night until the cheese came and ruined it.
by miketkong September 10, 2007
The nickname of the baller. Usally found with a blunt in hand, The Cheese navigates massive amounts of marijuana and pharmaceuticals through out The Sea-Town region. Besides having an amazing tenacity towards females, The Cheese possess' a love for the Dope Game.
The Cheese was gettin his groove on at da club and I scored a half nizzle of some dizzity dank.
by Malicious Mike October 14, 2004
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