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Slang for Cherry Hill, a large elitist suburban town of southern New Jersey located appoximately 10 miles east of Philadelphia, PA. "Burganites" find comfort in driving black, silver, or white luxury vehicles to local hot spots including Wegmans or Nordstrom. Many Burganites find emigrating to new localities extremely difficult to cope with as they will not only lose daily convenience, but more importantly "status."
I will never leave The Burg.
by Burgfan November 06, 2011
A Philly neighborhood, Bridesburg, that has managed to keep its charm. It's located between the Delaware River and I-95. Bridesburg is a clean and well-kept neighborhood that polices itself and has managed to keep the riff raff out and property values up. Bridesburg is often referred to as "The Final Frontier" in Philadelphia whereas it is the only neighborhood that is solid and virtually crime-free.
I live in The Burg, we don't put up with that shit down here.
by girlintheburg September 03, 2012
Slang for Petersburg, a small community of Upper Township located 7 miles west of Ocean City, NJ. The Burg is home to many "hicks" and people who drive beat up pick up trucks, ride dirtbikes and quads, drink at pits, and sit around campfires.
Where are you from?
The Burg, man.
by Megs79 June 11, 2008
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