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home of the greatest athlete alive, yes it's Stacey. Many people hate her, but that just adds to her greatness. If you play against her don't even expect to win. Also in Petersburg, every where you turn there is a cornfied of tractor. Also if you see someone spit, its most likely brown(from chew). Do not come to into this town during the summer without a boat, you will just be screwed. It is also the home of the biggest jackass ever (stacey sinclair's boyfriend) Tim, he thinks he is the coolest kid ever, newsflash your not. GET OVER YOURSELF! he also wears a gayass elbow sleve when he plays basketball, it just looks dumb. Back to Petersburg, alot of cool people live there, but these people do not include PORTA High School (besides Stacey). The band as sucked ever since the class of 93.
1) Lorna: "Caitlyn, your gaurding Stacey."

Caitlyn: "I hate that girl."

Lorna: "Why?"

Caitlyn: "She beat me at State, in High Jump"

2) "Whose that douche with the elbow sleeve?"


3) "Where is everyone at in Petersburg?"

"At the lake."
by Erica Darver December 23, 2011
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