OK, The Beatles kick some serious ass. I'm gonna use a quote from the ultra Styrocen here:
"The most over-rated band on Earth. Seen as kinda cute by chicks in the 60's b/c they wore matching clothes. But the media blew it all out of proportion. Now, the new generation is raised, blindly beleiving that the Beatles changed history, because it was beaten into them."
Hahahahaha, this comming from the kid who likes Linkin Park. Oh look at me, I'm the guitarist from Linkin Park, I can play two chords and call it a song! And I don't know how to solo, thus I should just ram this guitar up my ass to make the world a better place. And yeah yo, we need two singers, wait we need a singer and an "emcee" yo. See, that craptastic emcee in Linkin Park is a waste of space. I could go on, but this is a definition of the Beatles.
The Beatles kick ass. It's funny to think how we listen to Yellow Submarine in kindergarten, when in reality all four of the Beatles we're high as shit when they wrote it. But that's ok, because unlike now, drugs wern't used to be cool, but to expand your mind (aka Jerry Garcia.) The best Beatles album is Abbey Road, with the White Album a close second. And I'm sure if you faggy "nu metal" kids would think the Beatles were more hardcore if you saw the original cover of the White Album.
Anyways, no band of today can stand up to the Beatles. Not your carppy emo bands who sing on their acoustic guitars about who their girlfriends left them, or those shit eating "rap rock" bands who try to be original and mix crappy rock with crappy rap!
In conclusion, Styrocen, don't speak ill of the Beatles again until you listen to their music and/or realize what real music is.
nu metal faggot: Man, I hate the Beatles cuz they don't scream or play anything hard and don't worship the dark lord Satan or eat babies.

me: Yes, you need to listen to Helter Skelter, cuz that song kicks ass.

at this point I begin beating up the faggy nu metal kids until they realize they have wasted their life listening to bad music.
by James February 24, 2004
Considered the greatest band in rock and roll history. If you don't like them then you're basically missing out on life. Just remember: if the Beatles hadn't 'come together' then music as it is today wouldn't exist. The Beatles consisted of John Lennon, Paul McCartney , George Harrison and Ringo Starr. LONG LIVE THE BEATLES!!!!!
Some of the Beatles' best songs are: She Loves You, I Want to Hold Your Hand, Eleanor Rigby, Here Comes the Sun, Come Together, Yellow Submarine, Help! And many more...
by George Harrison June 13, 2015
Culturally important, musically decent band with a shit fanbase full of uninformed ignorant twats and philistines who spend their time comparing their work to Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. Social phenomena mistaken for genius. The marketing was genius, that's about it.
Beatles fan: "Omg The Beatles are the best band ever if you don't think that you don't know anything about music!"

Normal guy: "Well I don't think they're the best band ever, but I do enjoy some of their work."

*beatles fanboy rages just because of a different opinion*

Beatles fan: "omgz u don't kno anyting about music lolz i bet u lissen 2 justin bieber lolz i was born in da wrong generation tumbs up if u agree :DDD lel rap is crap lel rap retards attemptin poetry so funneh lel I is so cleverr Helter skelter first metal song because dats what the media told me and i just copy wat dey say XDDD*
by TheBeatlesNumber1fan May 15, 2012
The reason God gave us ears.
Then God said "Let there be ears." and the humans were given ears. Then The Beatles played.
by Songs Under a Tree August 29, 2010
the absolute most amazing music group ever. gives me chills whenever i hear them and evokes emotions with every song; able to control what the listener feels with the combined talents of James Paul McCartney Jr. (Paul McCartney), John Winston Lennon (John Lennon), George Harrison, and Richard B. Starkey (Ringo Starr). Purely amazing in every way; each song has a message and the emotion that comes over one when they listen to the Beatles cannot be described; one must see for themselves
for the people who don't like the gods who are the Beatles: i won't fight with you or tell you you're wrong, because i like the Beatles and care about peace, love and all that is good in the world. please, if you don't like them, move on. :
by holyfuckmaeveloveszthebeatless February 18, 2010
Amazing band that became popular in the 60s. It has lost a bit of popularity do to retarded pop singers who think they are better. Examples are Jonas Brothers, HannahMontana, Saleena Gomez, and Pretty much anyone on disney who sings.
Pie: The Jonas Brothers are so much better than the beatles!
Waffle: *Eats Pie* FOR THE BEATLES!!! LIVE ON!!!!!!
by Scartail August 18, 2009
one of the best bands in history. are made up of: john lennon, ringo starr, paul mccartney & george harrison. An english rock band that rocked the stage.
'the beatles are the best band EVER.'
'i know right, they rule.
by lolsl October 25, 2009

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