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The people from the country of Sparta; a bad-ass bunch of soldiers who lived many centuries ago and were trained from birth to be soldiers. the lived, breathed, ate, and drank soldier. In the battle of Thermopylae, during the Greece-Persian war, about 300 Spartans held a hill against a large force of Persian troops, about 20,000.
The Spartans are bitchin' warriors
by The Coolest Cat January 12, 2006
When a girl sticks her ass in the air, and you run from 50 feet away, full sprint and yelling "THIS IS SPARTA!!!", and jump so that your dick and balls get stuck in her ass. Then you have to wait for her to shit you out.
Girl: Baby, lets do The Spartan tonight...

Guy: Alright baby... "THIS.. IS.. SPARTAAAAAAA!!!"
by Leonidas' Wife December 19, 2007
Whilst receving head, and about to reach ejaculation the male backs out, grabbing his swollen appendage.

Simultaneously he stomps the wide-eye surprised female square between her breasts while releasing his load raining over the her as he roars THIS IS SPARTA!
911 Dispatcher: Hello?
Citizen: There is an unconscious woman here who has received repeated blows in the chest and is sprinkled in vanilla icing?!
911 Dispatcher: Sounds like she just received The Spartan. Follow up with some Asian Goggles then a Clevland Steamer and she should come around.
by rzu June 09, 2010
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