The faggot big nosed jew named Mike, who also is moonlighting as an Italian on that Viacom show Jersey Shore. He seems to be the most intelligent and hygienic of the bunch.

Has proven to be miles of steps above his roommates where many dead pools have started across the country on which one will be found face down dead from OD, or other. Mike on the other hand has started to distance himself from his no life cohorts by such appearances competing on Dancing With the Stars and reports he ignores his co-show mates at public star studded events. Situation is inside the ropes, where Snooki, demands 25k to show up at places....
I went to Seaside Heights because I wanted to see the Negros fight as usual over fat sluts like Snooki, but got to see The Situation instead and shared a few brews and laughs.
by k1kz October 08, 2010
Top Definition
Mike Sorrentino's Abs on MTV's "reality" show, "Jersey Shore"
"I mean this situation is going to be indescribable. You can't even describe the situation that you're about to get into the situation."
by didhereallyjustsaythat December 10, 2009
A nickname for this douchebag on MTV's "The Jersey Shore." His real name is Mike, and he has sick abs and is a funny guy, but he is too insecure to ever bang a hotty. Instead, The Situation settles for sixes at best, and is known to bring grenades back to the crib.
"I wish I had abs like The Situation."

"I wish I had a tan like The Situation."

"I wish I could tag fugly broads every night like The Situation."
by Big Freeze UFL January 31, 2010
A single celled organism from New Jersey whose 15 minutes of fame are coming to a screeching hault.
The Situation is a fist pumping retard, but my buddy thinks he's funny.
by Lou1976 December 20, 2010
Nickname of Mike Sorrentino of Jersey Shore, this decade's first great anti-hero.
The Situation is my new god.
by Young Ice Trey April 03, 2010
A pathetic human being, seen to be the lowest form of life who seeks recognition of supposed newly invented words and phrases when in fact were stolen from the website urban dictionary.
Carl : "GGL.... i know, im going to claim this word as my own and spread it like the plague". Im such the situation!
by ChinkovButler March 26, 2010
A man or woman to wants people to think they are bigger than they really are. Usually done by constant use of dougall boosting and excessive workouts.
Why does he tell people he is big? He is 5'2" "Dude, he is the Sit-uation, thats what he is meant to do.
by RGSS January 24, 2011
Somebody who is more awkward than a negative pregnancy test falling out of your purse.
You really have to feel the person, make sure you know where they are. Feel all of them" "Hey Baby Gap, these are 14 year old girls...You are The Sit-uation.
by RGSS2 January 28, 2011

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