The Lumberjack is a sexual move in which a female administers a blowjob to a male who has allowed his pubic hairs to grow into an impressive bush. The female deepthroats the penis in such a way so that it looks like the male's pubic hairs are a large beard on the womans face.
"Dude, Nicole may look like a super babe, but she's the burliest, manliest hottie when she's giving The Lumberjack."
by Getsuyobi February 29, 2008
Top Definition
When two guys are tag teaming a girl, one of whom is receiving oral sex and the other anal sex, they hold hands and trust back and forth performing a motion like a lumberjack sawing down a tree.
My buddy and me flipped a coin for positioning during the lumberjack.
by Nathan November 20, 2004
The act of taking a dump in the woods while yelling TIMBER!!! you should always dig a hole first so not to disturb the animals habitat.
Everytime I am in the woods and I have to do The Lumberjack...i always dig a hole first because I am a professional and I respect the animals.
by iwantbabylalaloopsy January 08, 2012
The lumberjack is a sexual finishing move, wherein a man is having sex with a woman doggie style. When the man is ready to finish, he wraps his legs around the woman and begins to chop her in the kidneys as though he were trying to chop down a tree. The goal of the Lumberjack is for the man to hang on until he finishes inside of the woman, while yelling "TIMBER!"
Eric was feeling especially kinky one night, so he decided he would pull the Lumberjack on Megan and chop that bitch down.
by Bob Iveson November 09, 2006
fisting a girl in the ass and vagina, in a lumberjack sawing motion.
in bed.. with a male/ feamle doing the fisting
by candace April 07, 2005
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