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9 definitions by candace

skaters don't let friends rollerblade...
Skaters compete on skateboard. Fruit booters ride around on 'aggressive inline skates'.
by candace April 14, 2003
fisting a girl in the ass and vagina, in a lumberjack sawing motion.
in bed.. with a male/ feamle doing the fisting
by candace April 07, 2005
When one has scabbies who posess rabies. THey have crabs with rabies.
Michelle, you got crabbies all over your pants.
by Candace January 24, 2004
a term used to describe something cool.
That's super scrunty!
by Candace December 24, 2004
Extremely Good, really nice, expensive
That new David Banner CD is hard!
That new Escalade is so hard!
by CANDACE December 15, 2003
A dick thats as small as your pinkie finger
haha thats guys got a small ass pinker
by candace August 24, 2004
brian because thats what he is
im not good at examples so how about brian is...insert word.
by candace January 20, 2005