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Only the greatest drink ever! If you manage to not die of fatal respiratory depression! The heath ledger is none other than champagne or any favorite alcoholic drink with 2mg of xanax, 15mg of oxycodone, promethazine (or benadryl if your a pussy), and if you can't sleep ambien (lol). The alcohol provides a base drunkness, the xanax creates further "blackout" so you can't remember the retarded shit you did on it, the oxycodone provides insane euphoria and pain relief from the stupid shit you do and the promethazine potentiates the former three! The ambien is for if you survive so you can sleep like a winrar and total bad ass saying "as if 4 controlled substances that all potentiate each other isn't enough I just added a 5th!". This drink is not FDA approved but if it were I would imagine our entire country would be dead and the remaining survivors leanin' pretty good. Think the G6 jet of cough syrup. If you can puff out a cough on this bad boy your an alien.
Fuck man that party was lame as shit so I grabbed my oxy and xanax and went diving through the kids grandma's medicine cabinet and whooped up the heath ledger, I don't remember anything from the past 24hours but I saw some video and apparently it was epic!

The Heath Ledgerâ„¢ number one recommended drink for and by trolls!
by CTU_FieldAgent200 April 04, 2011

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