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The fifth album released by rap artist Eminem which sold over a million copies on it's first day and was the first of his albums where he actually showed some remorse for the things he has said. It featured the hit Single Without Me which had to be retired from the TRL charts as it was on top for a great amount of time and showed no signs of weakening.
Track listings for The Eminem Show are as follows-
01. Curtains Up (skit)
02. White America
03. Business
04. Cleanin' Out My Closet
05. Square Dance
06. The Kiss (skit)
07. Soldier
08. Say Goodbye Hollywood
09. Drips
10. Without Me
11. Paul Rosenberg (skit)
12. Sing For the Moment
13. Superman
14. Hailie's Song
15. Steve Berman (skit)
16. When the Music Stops
17. Say What You Say
18. Till I Collapse
19. My Dad's Gone Crazy
20. Curtains Close (skit)
by $tash October 10, 2005
A great album by a very respected yet slightly crazy Hip-Hop artist. And anyone who thinks otherwise can suck my balls.
Suck My Balls!!!
by Nik The Prick May 17, 2003
An excellent album release by Eminem.
Compared to the Marshall Mathers LP, The Eminem Show is nothing.
m4r5h411 m47h4z LP i2 b37t4 d4n t3h 3min3m 5h0w!!1
by Bastardized Bottomburp March 29, 2003
An armadillo currently found on the Southern border of Mississippi.
Dang, Cletus! That Eminem Show is a reaaal hoot!
by JOSHY May 18, 2003
no, really. someone threw a copy out, so i smeared feces on and threw it out the window into the parking lot.
i was aiming for this guy that i don't like's car (cause he too is what but acts like a nigger), but it missed and rolled across the lot.
by keep darkie down April 12, 2004
any of a silver coated cd that has a decoration on the top that can be used as a frisbee, coaster, or any other variations of common goods that are circular shaped. must not be used as music source or a horrible sounds will come out. a sound that of a white weakling, proclaiming he is "cool" and "sincere about shit", that is on the bottom of the food chain.
Oh snap, use "The Eminem Show" to set down your drink that is condensing on the outside which would stain my wood table!
by Adam McD May 18, 2003
The CDs make a half-decent but shiny roofing material. And that's just about it.
by Anonymous May 19, 2003
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