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9 definitions by ***********

The process of being disliked by many because you are better than them
by *********** March 29, 2003
A phrased used to someone who talks to damn much
"Man you always be talky talky, SHUT UP BIAZZATCH"
by *********** March 29, 2003
The art of fondling one's penis so that the testis hang freely to sway ack and forth in a manner that of which can lead to pleasure
by *********** March 29, 2003
Redneck speak for For You
by *********** March 29, 2003
ALso known as leet speak, an art that takes normal words and replaces the leter with ASCII characters that resemble the letters of the word
1337 - leet
Roxor - |20><0|2
by *********** March 29, 2003
A brosef is someone that speaks to you informally as a peer.
"Chill out, brosef".
by *********** May 03, 2005