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When u can't or unable to cum, so when getting head u piss inside of your parthers mouth
OMFG did u just pull the dunn in my mouth!!

kill that nigga!
by Teddy July 13, 2004
6 4

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When a man precedes to get really drunk and have sex, in a closet, with a nasty girl while another guy is also doing the same girl at the same time and they share a condom!
Kayla: OMG!! Did you hear about Alan?
Sam: No what happened?
Kayla: Well this weekend he went to Jakes party and got smashed, then he had sex with Brook* Dunn (*first name has been changed, last is still the same hense "The Dunn")in a closet WHILE Alec was doing her too!!!
Sam: OMG SICK!!!!
Kayla: Oh yeah and they shared the same condom!!!
by Ms. Kay Kay January 31, 2008
9 0
Slang word for penis. To the ladies, anyway.
Yep, she's satisfied with The Dunn.
by Ryan Dunn October 30, 2004
17 11