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Nickname for best shooting guard in the NBA, Allen Iverson
by Jay September 21, 2003
71 13
1) Nickname for NBA player Allen Iverson
2) Nickname for the biggest prick in Ashford, Bhuwan. Bhuwan is such a big dumb prick, thinking it is "cool" to get drunk at school. Bhuwan is also a big fan of drawing on all of his possessions and himself in magic marker. What a prick.
"The Answer is such a prick, he thinks drawing on himself in magic marker is cool"
by ashfordboi-123 March 05, 2007
29 9
Calculated by the most intelligent computer.
The answer to life, the universe, and everything is 42.
by apione May 01, 2005
23 14
Nortern Irish modern Classic Rock band influenced by Led Zeppelin and Free. The best band out there at the moment. It is a disagrace to all humanity that while crap like Wolfmother are given credit for bringing back Classic Rock The Answer go unnoticed.
"Wolfmother are so cool!!!"
"Yeah but they're Australian hosers, check out The Answer... real Classic Rock!"
by JulesWinnfield May 23, 2007
10 7
scheduler; nigga with an attitude; likes to pwn green, sasuke, and fever in the face.
TheAnswer scheduled a match between shatterface and Team Catalyst.
by Osama March 16, 2005
2 2
sex is always the answer, it's never the question 'cause the answer's yes
by iamthewalrus123 July 14, 2010
1 2
Sex is the answer.
by lilililililillllllllllllllllll February 10, 2010
0 1