1. One with status like that of a King;
A warrior/fighter
2. Follower and keeper to a (higher) code; that of honor or prestige

3. Proud, Arrogant, or Cocky; (Egotistic)
"See that guy... His name's Thane."
"What's he like?"
"He completely full of himself!" "Really.. He looks like he has strong character to me."
"Looks like a stick in his ass from here..."
by LordThanatos March 23, 2013
Top Definition
Ingmar Thorgrimmson, famous archtypal damage dealer, smiter of his enemies, and plunderer of women.
Oh god! Run! It's a thane!
by Eia December 03, 2003
Short of polyurethane a material which is used, among other things, for making skateboard/longboard wheels. It's often used in term "thane lines" which are markings you leave on pavement when sliding across it.
Is it just me, or is leaving thane lines the coolest thing ever?
by dabrorius May 31, 2013
Funny, cowboy-ish guy. Charming, but a bit of a man whore. Always in pursuit of a beautiful woman, and secretly love. Because of this, he hates his player reputation. Though he is a flirt, he's a good, loyal friend, and will help you out if you need him.
"Hey, who is that??? He's cute!!!"
"Oh, that guy? I don't know... He's a total Thane."
"Really??? Oh... But he seems so nice!!!"
"He is, but he can also get bored really easily... It's funny, I heard he's actually just on the look out for 'the one' !!!"

funny cowboy charming flirt player
by unicorns_rule May 27, 2011
an male thot whom acts in thotish ways ,and may concive in an disorderly manner.
girl: he so fine.

friend: he a thane thoe.
girl: i know right. but look at his booty.
friend: stop.lol he is a thot
by sunnybaby November 19, 2014
Thane is used instead of then or than. Then and than are just ridiculous words and should be combined as "thane" to create less confusion.
I am going to stay here other thane going out.
Are you staying home thane?
by Ginous Brian August 24, 2010
A type of small green berry that grows in damp muddy soil and smells like hot dogs.
"Hey, do I smell hot dogs?"
"Nope, that's my fresh Thane Pie!"
by William Ticonderoga Booze December 08, 2003
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