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The flyest guy in a crew, usually the strongest and fittest, and knows how to walk the walk and talk the talk. A downright gangsta

NY New York
yo where is our top nurka at?
by joe January 02, 2005
to act in a strange manner in a situation with two or more people playing a game
Guy 1: Ok, lets start the game.

Guy 2: Ya but remember what happened last week when you went crazy?

Guy 1: Uh Huh

Guy 2: So that means we can't jarl in front of other people anymore.
by Kcuenin February 02, 2010
A kid that plays cod and try's to roast people on Twitter thinking he is the shit but is ugly and fat. Biggest jarl there is - Endingurstreak15
Omg you're a fucking jarl
by ReaperRD September 19, 2016
A boy that is shy. But when you get to know him, he will be the greatest thing that ever happened to you. He is caring, loving, giving, loyal, forgiving and very cuddly. A boy that people should know and appreciate. The appearance of a Jarl is quite masculine, handsome and attractive. He may seem though on the out side....but inside he has a heart of sold gold.
"Oh how I wish I had a Jarl."
"I want to be Jarl's girl"
"Oh my Jarlin, Oh my Jarlin!"
by themysteryofglove August 08, 2014
jarl (verb):

to throw up a little bit in your mouth


As I was watching you dance, I jarled multiple times.

Please don’t ever wear that outfit again, it makes me jarl.

by CaitlinBowers January 11, 2009
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