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The flyest guy in a crew, usually the strongest and fittest, and knows how to walk the walk and talk the talk. A downright gangsta

NY New York
yo where is our top nurka at?
by joe January 02, 2005
47 24
to act in a strange manner in a situation with two or more people playing a game
Guy 1: Ok, lets start the game.

Guy 2: Ya but remember what happened last week when you went crazy?

Guy 1: Uh Huh

Guy 2: So that means we can't jarl in front of other people anymore.
by Kcuenin February 02, 2010
20 14
jarl (verb):

to throw up a little bit in your mouth


As I was watching you dance, I jarled multiple times.

Please don’t ever wear that outfit again, it makes me jarl.

by CaitlinBowers January 11, 2009
15 27