A beastly creature that seeks satisfaction primarily from food and drinks. Its favorites include beef jerky, lollipops, yams, and Darkie Bunner's* stuffing. Also a term used to refer to anything that is exceptionally gross or disgusting, e.g. the Beast's toe. Actually the Beast's anything. Can also be used as a substitute for any cuss word.
Oh man, did you see that girl over there? Her face is fucking thad.
by Super Six November 26, 2004
Top Definition
The greatest most amazing person on this Earth. Caring, loving and respectful. Is the type of guy every girl with a clue wants. Always there to talk to no matter what the situation. Very understandable and protective. Mystical in a way, and enjoys to tease their lover. Supportive and thrilling. Always knows what to say or do to brighten your day, no matter how crummy. (Day)Dream worthy. Full of love to give, just looking for the same in return. (: The person a girl would want to spend the rest of their life with... always
by iSecretValentine February 03, 2010
An odd mountain man who enjoys birds and laid back river rafting.
I'm Thad, it's nice to meet you.
by red neck woman August 21, 2004
Another name for Detroit.
"I am heading back to Tha D in a couple of weeks"
by DetroitSlang May 14, 2003
A unique and musical creature with lots of emotional and mental baggage. Will go far, but will do it very loud and obnoxiously. A great creature to hang out with, makes the party lite and fun, but doesn't mind being a real doucher when he deems it necessary. Know a Thad? Lucky you, a rare find.
Was his name Thad? Cool!

Thad is the man! but kind of an a-hole ...
by RushCandlewick December 13, 2009
The combination of "That" & "Would". Instead of 'that would' be fun, it is now, Tha'd be fun. Often spoken in sentences without the speaker realizing it.
Elphinstine: "Hey we're going to the lake, do you want to come?
John: "Ya, tha'd be awesome!"
by Tha'd be me! December 12, 2007
To replacement word in a film or song title.
"Dude, Where's My Thad", "An Officer and a Thad", "Slap Her, She's Thad", "Thad and Louise", "Saving Private Thad", "Lord of the Thads".
by U.S. Census Board April 20, 2003
A man described in the recent 2015 PSAT test to have bought $45 worth of cookies and water. Recently served as an inside joke among test takers to confuse adults.
I think that the character that most describes me is Thad- we have similar monetary habits.
by Caysex mang December 07, 2015
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