A curly headed fuck. Dark hair, is definitely a lurpy motherfucker. Very commonly has a rat stash because he doesn't have the capability to grow any facial hair. Lrn2physicallymature, Thad.
Yo, that nigga over there with the curly hair. He looks so ridiculously retarded, he must be a Thad.
by imfromcompton January 05, 2012
replacement for swear words.
Thad you!
Son of a thad.
by Hippoponamous May 04, 2009
Another term for the "Yawn-And-Put-The-Arm-Over-The-Shoulder" move all guys have done in the movies at least once. Quite cheesy, yet on the other hand takes alot of effort into doing it just right.
Guy: *Yawns and puts arm around his girlfriend during a movie*
Girl: Babe...
Guy: Yeah?
Girl: ......You just pulled a Thad.

Elderly Woman: Youth these days...Pulling Thads all over the place!
by Bob's son's cousin's roommate October 23, 2011
A militant geek who was maliciously and relentlessly teased in high school who later goes on to discover the internet, and takes out his self esteem issues on random unsuspecting online community members. He often tries to mask his many shortcomings by masquerading as someone of superior intellect. He is seen as unattractive and sub-par by females, which almost guarantees he will be the first to invent a sexually fuctional computerized mate.
Honey, Junior has been getting picked on a lot in school lately, I'm worried he'll become a Thad.

He's 38 and unmarried? What a Thad.
by Anon April 21, 2005
A beastly creature that seeks satisfaction primarily from food and drinks. Its favorites include beef jerky, lollipops, yams, and Darkie Bunner's* stuffing. Also a term used to refer to anything that is exceptionally gross or disgusting, e.g. the Beast's toe. Actually the Beast's anything. Can also be used as a substitute for any cuss word.
Oh man, did you see that girl over there? Her face is fucking thad.
by Super Six November 26, 2004
Owner of Tha-D.com, an Australian humorist-based site, also containing musical works and merchandise. Creator of the anti-hero, Biff Armstrong.
'I heard Tha D was running for prime minister again.'

'Look, you can't tell anyone'
'It's just me, you and Tha D'

'What have you been upto?'
'Late nights. Rough sex. Hard drugs. Tha-D.com'
by Jackson Holland August 28, 2007
a short way to say that would...
that + would = thad

ex: Thad be gay if we get homework tonight!
by bigj61401 July 25, 2006

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