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An extremely Good Looking Girl. Teylors are smart, charming, beautiful, have amazing eyes and figures, sexy and are strong. Overall a total babe! Once you get to know them you will never want to lose them. Resembles a mermaid. People who meet Teylor’s are lucky ones and Teylor's friends are usually the most important to them. She likes to party but not too much. She is always carful in what she does she may seem shy but once you get to know her she is truly and honestly amazing. A great kisser and someone that is good in the sack. Teylor is the girl you are gonna marry. Though she seemed like a friend, there is something more. She is the one for you.
Guy 1: See that smoking hot amazing girl over there?

Guy 2: Yep, must be a Teylor.

Guy 1: I want one of those!

Guy 2: Good luck, Teylor's are hard to get
by James G Clark July 21, 2010
wicked cool, adding spice to your life.
After last night, my life is totally teylor!
by Teylor March 02, 2007

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