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1: The accidental use of "text language" when writing manually, or composing a formal e-mail
2: the inability to spell words correctly when first learning to use T9 predictive text or other predictive texting modes.
Definition One:

Doctor to patient:
Dear patient,
Just a friendly remindr. Please be sure 2 take 50mg of the medication I prescribed to you w/ plenty of water.
Sincerely, Doc

Definition Two:

Sender: "Hi, how's evrythg going?"
Reciever: "What's 'evrythg' mean?"
Sender: "Sorry, I have a mild case of textlexia."
by Lee Brody March 06, 2009
An inability to compose an interpretable text message due to outside pressures or emotional constraints.
"Man, sorry about that. My textlexia's flared up "
by sparksneon January 06, 2007
A person who has severe trouble remembering other people's names and is a terrible speller when texting. Similar to Dyslexia.
John:(texting) "hey whats up?"
Larry:(also texting) "nb Mike. hgt?
John: "you must have textlexia."
by laxislife19 April 16, 2009
To incorrectly spell a word or multiple words in a text message, thus creating mass confusion.
*Cindy sends a text to Amy* "He's a ham! xD" Amy replies, "Ikr Lmo Cindxu." "What!?" "Sorry Cindy I have text-lexia."
by zjb95 January 02, 2011
The act or mixing up words and the misuse of contractions when texting which in turn gives the opposite of the meaning you are trying to get across.
Text-lexic- I wouldn't really like to see you tonight

Other- what!!! you DON'T want to see me tonight, fine F-off

Text-lexic - Whoa Whoa sorry I have Text-lexia
by JMR923 May 25, 2010
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