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1: The accidental use of "text language" when writing manually, or composing a formal e-mail
2: the inability to spell words correctly when first learning to use T9 predictive text or other predictive texting modes.
Definition One:

Doctor to patient:
Dear patient,
Just a friendly remindr. Please be sure 2 take 50mg of the medication I prescribed to you w/ plenty of water.
Sincerely, Doc

Definition Two:

Sender: "Hi, how's evrythg going?"
Reciever: "What's 'evrythg' mean?"
Sender: "Sorry, I have a mild case of textlexia."
by Lee Brody March 06, 2009
9 2
An inability to compose an interpretable text message due to outside pressures or emotional constraints.
"Man, sorry about that. My textlexia's flared up "
by sparksneon January 06, 2007
8 5
A person who has severe trouble remembering other people's names and is a terrible speller when texting. Similar to Dyslexia.
John:(texting) "hey whats up?"
Larry:(also texting) "nb Mike. hgt?
John: "you must have textlexia."
by laxislife19 April 16, 2009
4 2
To incorrectly spell a word or multiple words in a text message, thus creating mass confusion.
*Cindy sends a text to Amy* "He's a ham! xD" Amy replies, "Ikr Lmo Cindxu." "What!?" "Sorry Cindy I have text-lexia."
by zjb95 January 02, 2011
1 0
The act or mixing up words and the misuse of contractions when texting which in turn gives the opposite of the meaning you are trying to get across.
Text-lexic- I wouldn't really like to see you tonight

Other- what!!! you DON'T want to see me tonight, fine F-off

Text-lexic - Whoa Whoa sorry I have Text-lexia
by JMR923 May 25, 2010
3 2