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A person who has severe trouble remembering other people's names and is a terrible speller when texting. Similar to Dyslexia.
John:(texting) "hey whats up?"
Larry:(also texting) "nb Mike. hgt?
John: "you must have textlexia."
by laxislife19 April 16, 2009
A move which a distressed man will perform while trying to fall asleep with a snoring partner. Generally persists of a firm but gentle shoving from the edge of the mattress to the floor by way of the legs. Usually results in heated argument.
MAN 1: "My wife was snoring like crazy last night. I had to pull a mattress move on her just to get some sleep. She ended up falling right off the bed."
MAN 2: "I bet the fight after was nasty....."
by laxislife19 December 09, 2008
The technology equivalent of "talking down." The only difference is that it comes by way of a text message. In other words, it is a text that someone may send, only they are speaking negatively to the person as though they are not as good as them.

MAN 1 TEXTS: " You are an idiot! Why don't you understand?"
MAN 2 TEXTS BACK "Hey! Don't you dare text down to me!"
MAN 1 TEXTS: "Right. Sorry dude."
by laxislife19 January 02, 2009
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