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Large, 70's inspired tinted glasses for men and women that have become ubiquitous in naughties popular culture.
"If I see one more person wearing glamour goggles i'm going to inflict some random soft tissue damage".
by sparksneon January 13, 2007
An inability to compose an interpretable text message due to outside pressures or emotional constraints.
"Man, sorry about that. My textlexia's flared up "
by sparksneon January 06, 2007
Investing one's spare time in the pursuit of dipsomania and recreational drug use.
"You up for some wreckcreation this weekend"
by sparksneon January 13, 2007
Sunglasses or any other eye wear.
"I lost my peep sheath again"
by sparksneon January 13, 2007
A hangover wank. The continued form of male self abuse after awaking from an evening of alcoholic indulgence
"Wow, I just had the best hank in years and my head ache is completely gone"
by sparksneon January 06, 2007

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