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A conversation/dialog with another individual via Text Messaging.
I was having a textation with my 18 year old daughter about her desire to get a tattoo.
by Kenn Edwards December 20, 2007
A conversation that takes place entirely through text messages, whether through instant messaging, sms messages, chat rooms, message boards or posting on each other's home pages.
"Did you talk with Dominic last night?"
"Sort of, we had a textation."
by Mel from Hell January 03, 2008
This was used in a texting between friends, "'Lost in textation"/ "Translation".
It was created between banter between two very close friends that had some information misconstrued because 2 subject were simultaneously being discussed.
Talking about 2 subjects at one time being misconstrued through context.
"OMG you meant that? sorry it was lost in Textation"
by ACF & BS December 28, 2013
To converse through text messages.
Im having a great textation with my friend about class today.
by jermanietedo December 26, 2011
Having a conversation solely through text messages.
I was having a textation with Mary for 20 minutes before I finally decided to call her.
by Nelius Xander November 22, 2007
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