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Sign for the four elements.
I heard his nickname was Tetra.
#math #four #tetra #elements #element
by SCTetra February 17, 2009
Mathematically known as four.
There are tetra angles in this formation.
#math #four #tetra #elements #element
by SCTetra February 17, 2009
Tetra is the pirate captain in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. She is princess Zelda although she does not know this at first. She is cold and mean at first but gradually becomes nicer.
Tetra just shot Link out of a cannon while he was asleep.
#zelda #game #wind waker #link #ganon
by Link, of course. February 23, 2013
The guy formally known as MeAd.
I was once MeAd. Nowi am Tetra
by Tetra December 03, 2003
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