A robot, made to kill for a certain purpose.
In the film 'Terminator' a terminator is sent back in time to make sure that a certain person is killed so they cannot do the unwanted in the futre.
by Robert Wagstaff January 26, 2004
a woman who has had numerous abortions.
jess is aborting her 5th baby, she's a total terminator.
by beatit440 June 18, 2009
a person who assigns terms to things
terminator: you're name is now Emily
boy: no it's not!
terminator: actually, it is. i'm a terminator
boy: shit!
by ###Green##Day### December 30, 2008
Used to describe anyone of similar appearance to Arnold in the movie series. Generally someone tall, muscular, expressionless, dressed in black leather, rides a fatboy and/or has a deep German/Austrian/ Hungarian accent. Also someone who does not waste time with meaningless words or has automatic responses.
Check out the terminator over there...
by Gumba Gumba February 20, 2004
Sum sick ass kicks from Nike
Nike Terminator
"Hey foo where u get them Terminators?!"
"Champs Foo"
by TriZkit December 24, 2004
a robot sent back in time hopefully to kill all poofters, this bad ass robot dont take no shit from nobody
geese, i wish i was the terminator

kailan wishes to one day have bumsex with the terminators metal ass
by zac September 21, 2003
damn things are gonna take over in a couple of years
by Slayer July 24, 2003

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