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Sorry Donald. People have been using this phrase way before you even dreamed of having a show. It was fist used to fire someone from a job. This usage has dropped of though because saying "You're Fired" might spark emotion. Instead now HR people use the words terminated or released to let someone know they were "Let Go".

My friends have been using it forever when someone screws up and they are pissed.
Example 1)
Donald: You're Fired
Me: I'm sooo over this show

Example 2)
Me: Oops I forgot to grab the camera honey.
Honey: You're Fired. I'm going to find me a new boyfriend.
by Bryansix May 26, 2005
1) you're fired. Used when Human Resources let's and employee go.

2) To bring to an end or to stop from being functional. (This was made popular by the movie The Terminator and T2 and T3.)
1) She had to be terminated because she was emailing porn around the office.

2) The Program has been Terminated.


I will Terminate that lying cheating son of a bitch.
by Bryansix June 05, 2005
Usually refering to the print version of a dictionary pioneered by Webster himself. Before his time people spelled words any damn way they choose to.

Too often people think that Webster's has not entered the digital age. This is simply untrue. Look Up Merriam-Webster and you will find thier site which is free. While it is true that the dictionary there is by no means complete, it is authoritative and will get you through college. When you can't find a word there of course turn to urbandictionary.com
Me: Webster's doesn't have a definition for Punctum.

My Girl: Probably because punctum isn't even a damn word and your proffessor just made it up to sound cool.

Boss: How do you spell that word?
Me: Look it up on Webster's online.
by Bryansix May 26, 2005
In Pomona it conveniently can abbreviate "Pomona Police". The po po can usually be seen driving by the street outside my bedroom window every night in groups of ten or fifteen. Often they are accompanied by a ghetto bird.
My Girl:There goes the Po Po again.
Me: I'm just glad they are so busy they don't bother pulling me over for speeding.
by Bryansix May 26, 2005
A horrible movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal. While this movie has no plot at all throughout most of it, girls can't seem to stop watching it.
Girl 1: How many times have you seen Bubble Boy?
Girl 2: At least 15 times. That reminds me that I have to return that to the rental store.
Girl 1: Why don't you just buy it?
Girl 2: Jake Gyllenhaal is hot!
by Bryansix October 01, 2005
Giving homosexuals rights that are not currently afforded to them. This includes marriage, tax breaks, and more openess in general in society.
Commentary: As a Conservative Christian I look at Homosexuality like this. The Bible says being gay is wrong. It also says many other things are wrong. We are all sinners so we have nothing to boast about. Therefore I love people who are gay just as much as those who are not.

Moreover, I do not think there needs to be a movement to afford gay people more "rights". The government can take a stance on this and not allow marriages much in the same way it does not allow explicit material on billboards to advertise a porn film.

I agree that homosexuals should not be hated upon. That does not mean society has to accept homosexuality as a good thing. Love the person, hate the act.
by Bryansix June 23, 2005

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