The Sweetest Fucking action Movie ever created with an even more kick ass sequal the third is okay in the first film Arnold plays the murderous robot from the Future who travels to 1984 his mission is to Murder a young Sarah Conner before she can give birth to John Conner whos the leader of a futuristic Army that fights the Machines and he sends down one of his men Kyle Reese to Protect his mom then in the second film Arnold the Terminator is the Hero this time he is Reprogrammed to protect John Conner whos became a grown Child and Sarah who went from an inocent young victim lady that we saw in the first film too Terminator killer the Connors are being Pursued by a Prototype Terminator called the T- 1000 wich is more deadlier and then the third film Arnold returns once again as the Termintor who must rerescue John Conner now a young Adult along with his girlfriend and this time its a female Terminator T.X. going after them
Nice night for a walk
come with me if you want to live
I'll be Back
Fuwk you Ausshole
Get out
Hastalavista Baby
chill out Dickwaud
by Admir DeMondo March 03, 2004
a terminator is a turd that when flushed returns to the surface of the water.

terminator returns "ill be back"
by Augazoid February 25, 2009
The 03-04 mustang that put the the ls1 crapmaros and corvettes to shame
My terminator just raped that pos f-body
by bullitt33 July 10, 2008
skynet... this military campaign was originally created by the American air force to manage and supervise all of the nuclear arsnal housed by the united states. in 1997 skynet became self aware & saw the threat that its creators would eventually shut it down & re-route a new upgraded system. in response to its future fate the skynet mainframe launched its nuclear weapons on all the appointed & targeted countries there-by destroying major cities & killing nearly the entire human race & erasing there existance. after the attack the human survivors were being killed off by terminators, endoskeletons created to eliminate any human survivors. the T-1 was the first machine to be launched from the war as were the small airbourne HK's (HUNTER KILLERS). the primary job of the T-1 was to hunt down the humans on the ground where as the AHK's were to assasinate humans from the air. after time GEN. John Connor formed a human resistance to fight against the machines to reclaim there right to live. the resistance fought for three decades & effectively was known as TECH-COM.
by Aaron Holmes October 21, 2003
A terminator is when you are hitting a girl from the back and you pull out and spit on her back. When she turns her head back because she thinks you are finished, then you let the real load go in one of her eyes. If done correctly she will have one eye red as hell just like the terminator.
I gave stacy a terminator last night and she got so pissed.
by JASON October 21, 2004
A device used to cover the scent of mariijuana, usually made from either a plastic bottle or a paper towel role which contains a multitude overload of Bounce dryer sheets.

We are useing one right now.

Texas:hit that Hraha

Hraha:{coughing} pass the fucking terminator, you fat walrus

Hraha: that terminator works terrific
by Ray Jones {Mobud} October 24, 2007
someone who can kick anybodys ass!

even that gay robocop
Rick: hey bob i am going to fight sam

Bob: DON'T he is a frickin TERMINATOR he could kick robocops ass.
by nathan 145 September 13, 2007
Best film ever!
Fowk u arswhole!
by mike May 30, 2003

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