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When notifying fellow clunge lovers of clear and present clunge approaching of the big boob & big booty curvy variety, whilst at the same time indicating some excellent boobage movement.

Often followed by the theme tune of

'dsh dsh dsh dsh dsh,
dsh dsh dsh dsh dsh'
boobs approaching...Terminator

'dsh dsh dsh dsh dsh'

both look up and notice the excellent boobage/booty heading this way
by Wingnut1982 February 15, 2010
Recognition that someone is sick/ill as a result of too much or lack of clunge action.
Barry: Boss I'm not going to be in today.

Boss: Why's that?

Barry: I've got Clungular Fever.

Boss: MESS!!
by Wingnut1982 May 05, 2010

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