a hottie
"Tenchi luvs NK"
by NK March 29, 2003
Top Definition
1)Tenchi, translated as Heaven And Earth from japanese, if put with Muyo (translated as No Need) it does not become No Need For Heaven and Earth, as was originally thought by the creators of the TV Show Tenchi Muyo, it translates to this way up.

2)Tenchi Masaki (Masaki Tenchi) Best damn character in the world, is from the TV show Tenchi Muyo, which his name Derivives
1) Whoa... that just moved tenchi!

2) Ryoko : Hey Tenchi!
by Shadow Immor September 06, 2006
Heaven and Earth (Mostly referred to like a name)
Tenchi is surrounded by beautiful alien girls
by C-chan November 06, 2003
noun: Heaven and Earth upside-down
Today felt like tenchi.
by Tenchi August 16, 2003
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