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A an expression of pain in Japanese
"Itai!" ("That hurts!")
by C-chan November 06, 2003
Antonio Salieri (1750-1825)

A contemporary of Mozart, he worked at the Viennese court and eventually became Kappelmeister. There were rumours that he poisoned Mozart, and he even falsely confessed to poisoning Mozart when he was in his old age and a bit delusional, but these rumours are not true. Tried to take his own life in 1823.

Due to the works of Alexander Pushkin's 'Mozart and Salieri', and Peter Shaffer's 'Amadeus', Salieri has been unfairly painted as a mediocre composer, though this is also not true.
Instead of creating his own opera, when Salieri became Kappelmeister, he revived Mozart's 'The Marriage of Figaro'.
by C-chan December 31, 2004
Heaven and Earth (Mostly referred to like a name)
Tenchi is surrounded by beautiful alien girls
by C-chan November 06, 2003
Menchi is a cat-like Dog from the Anime Series "Excel Saga". Also is The Japanese word for "Minced Meat".
by C-chan November 04, 2003
Someone who is obbsessed, and has no life outside of their obbsession. It's an insult in Japan. Mostly said like "anime otaku". Someone who is obbsessed with Japanese animation.
Not all otaku are bad.
by C-chan November 06, 2003
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