The greatest and funniest band ever invented by God. How can you not love the man who invented Inward Singing?
Riguh-goo-goo Rigah-goo-goo
-Jack Black, Tenacious D
by Prissmee April 24, 2006
This is the greatest and best song in the world... Tribute
Greated Band in the WORLD!!!!
Jack Black = God!!!
whe his forces are joined with Kyle Gass the effects are amazing!
they are sex
"Needless to say, the beast was stunned.
Whip-crack went his Whoopy tail,
And the beast was done.
He asked us: "(snort) Be you angels?"
And we said, "Nay. We are but men."
Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh-ah-ah,
Ohhh, whoah, ah-whoah-oh!

This is not The Greatest Song in the World, no.
This is just a tribute.
Couldn't remember The Greatest Song in the World, no, no.
This is a tribute, oh, to The Greatest Song in the World,
All right! It was The Greatest Song in the World,
All right! It was the best muthafuckin' song the greatest song in the world.
2-part skat
And the peculiar thing is this my friends:
the song we sang on that fateful night it didn't actually sound
anything like this song.
This is just a tribute! You gotta believe me!
And I wish you were there! Just a matter of opinion.
Ah, fuck! Good God, God lovin',
So surprised to find you can't stop it.
All right! All right!"
by jd July 24, 2004
Gods. More specifically known as wonderboy&young nasty man,Jables and Kage,JD&KG..etc.
Its rare to be in Tenacious D.
by cara October 01, 2003
The greatest band in the history of life.
Tenacious D is the shit.
by Fuckin A Dude November 02, 2003
The act of being extremely awesome at everything. The most bitchen band ever!
Tenacious D also controls the sasquatch...
If you hate or even dislike Tenacious D then you have very small testicals and no dick. unless you are a chick then you just plain suck...
It is the two headed baby of Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden!
"Tenacious D is hella cool dont you think tom?"says fred
"Yes I do fred!"says tom
"I think Tenacious D is lame" says the man with small testicles and no dick.
by Chunkyluver1 December 09, 2006
The best band in the world featuring Jack Black and Kyle Gass. They played the greatest song in the world to save their ass's. Though they can't remember the song, their legend lives on.
"This is not...the greatest song in the world. NO! This is just a tribute." -Tenacious D
by Derrick Snow May 01, 2007
The greatest band ever. They spawned the second greatest band ever, the Gay Flamingos.
"Get the scientists working on the tube technology" - Jack
"(done as backup) technology" - Kyle
by Steven April 07, 2004
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