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someone who accidently pees their pants at night
I am a bedwetter. i pee my underwear every night
by NightlyBedwetter April 26, 2004
some one who wets the bed
His girl friend found out that he was a bedwetter.
by Jon August 21, 2003
A person who should wear a diaper before falling asleep.
That bedwetter would stop wetting the bed if he started wearing diapers before falling asleep.
by HierophantNexus January 20, 2007
The name applied to a poster on an internet forum who gets upset by other posters and throws their toys out their pram, asking for posters to apologise, be banned, sending personal messages and on the whole pissing their pants and bed.
1) Suityou01 is a bedwetter
2) You bedwetter
3) This posters licks the chutney spoon and wets the bed.
4) This bedwetter is a benger
by Marillionfan June 25, 2011
A liberal, or a socialist. In the US most likely a member of the Democrat Party.
The bedwetters are out protesting for social justice again.
by England phi beta gamma May 21, 2008
Someone who leaves a party early; one who refuses to stay out past an arbitrarily defined "bed-time" when they have obligations in the morning.
Don't be such a bedwetter!
by heavyevy666 March 06, 2011
Every time someone talks about raising speed limits, the bedwetters come out of the woodwork crying and wringing their hands about the carnage that will happen, but It never does.
by Shikoku Honshu June 08, 2015
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