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1. An underfunded, poorly-managed forum composed of dysfunctional 'regulars' who hail from North America, Australia, Ireland, the U.K., and one kid from Scandinavia. Escape is for the most part nearly impossible.

2. Cul-de-sac of dementia, anti-social behavior, and neurosis in general.
Examples of Dialogue:

"I hate this shithole. I'm leaving you fuckers."
"You'll be back."
" :rolleyes: "
"Kill yourself, you insert racial epithet or sexist remark."
"You're fired!"
"Fat Rob just posted another final fantasy thread."
"The council are threatening me with an anti-social behaviour order."
"I hate Bush."
"I love Bush."
"I hate everybody."

Et cetera.
by 8-B February 03, 2005
A message board where people go to bitch at each other about random, useless topics.
I went to teleboards because I was bored, and ended up reading every one of Derek's stupid "I'm here and I'm queer" threads.
by Oh YOU know. September 10, 2004
A place where even the words most hated losers like Derek can go to and not get killed for being himself
I will make homo threads and there is nothing you can do about it. Ner Ner Ner.

by Someone February 03, 2005
a place where people go to talk about topics and reply with opinions that may be ignorant, civilized, or actually intelligent.
eyes., acceptance or hate one another.
by eyes March 25, 2005
A kick ass message board
The teleboards is the best mother fucking message board out there.
by HANZ February 15, 2005
a message board where people go to read what the legend has to say.
I'm the legend, I'm the legend, I'm the legend.
by Franklin February 09, 2005
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