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1. An underfunded, poorly-managed forum composed of dysfunctional 'regulars' who hail from North America, Australia, Ireland, the U.K., and one kid from Scandinavia. Escape is for the most part nearly impossible.

2. Cul-de-sac of dementia, anti-social behavior, and neurosis in general.
Examples of Dialogue:

"I hate this shithole. I'm leaving you fuckers."
"You'll be back."
" :rolleyes: "
"Kill yourself, you insert racial epithet or sexist remark."
"You're fired!"
"Fat Rob just posted another final fantasy thread."
"The council are threatening me with an anti-social behaviour order."
"I hate Bush."
"I love Bush."
"I hate everybody."

Et cetera.
by 8-B February 03, 2005
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