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something you call someone who is agruing about a point you allready know the factual answer to.
"like the president of the UK"
"It's prime-minister you nerner"
by Herwoyn Beck December 25, 2004
11 6
A super senior in high school that got a girl pregnant, he knows nothing about anything and just talks about random weird stuff. He usually wears red a lot and calls himself a boss.
He must be a NerNer since he didn't past high school and wears red.
by NerNersbitch6969 March 19, 2013
2 2
it's something that you say when you don't like a person or thing.

Would you like to get kinky with me?

Ewww, that's such a big nerner for me!
by cHeeky MiMz June 16, 2009
2 5
a "ner ner" is a note played on the guitar usually by hardcore bands.It has also become popular with scene hardcore bands to play during chug breakdowns. To Sucessfully play this note all you do is play the top string open.
Example 1
Scene kid 1-"D00d did you hear that random ner ner in the new WCAR song?!"

Scene kid 2"oh you mean during that sweet breakdown?"

Eample 2
Guitar "dun dun dun dun chuga chuga ner ner ner"
by Squints2.0 November 09, 2010
2 8