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A drama kid who instead of memorizing lines or showtunes, reads plays and musicals to come up with set designs and or "lighting designs"; usually wears black (everywhere! including socks and shoes); thinks that the three most important things in life are:
1.) Flashlight
2.) multi-tool
3.) crescent wrench
Constantly complaining about grimlins stealing random objects from the theatre. Knows the difference between "theater" and "theatre"; and where it's acceptable to use each! Are tired of the actors standing in the way of scene changes...MOVE Dang it! Knows the difference between a "follow spot" and a "spot light"; Smart off and they'll turn your light off; Knows TONS of knots; Can fix anything with gaff tape; WILL cut somebody; are not the actors' babysitters, but WILL discipline them; Never say "good luck" only "merde" and "break a leg". They survive on four things:
1.) Caffeine
2.) Nicotene (18+)
3.) Sugar
4.) Alcohol (+21)

Knows numbers for all colors. AND Finds it frustrating to define themselves on Urban Dictionary.

Regular Kid 1: (Belch) "Purple!"

Regular Kid 2: "Blue!"

Technical Theatre Kid: "R339!"

RegKid1: "That's not a color!"

RegKid2: "Yea!"

Techkid: "Rosco 339! Broadway Pink aka TBP!"

RegKid 1 and 2: "Freakin Tech theatre kid!"
by Annie-nomous April 22, 2011
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