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Verb: Teblow tee-bl-o: The act of a female (or male if you're gay, not that there's anything wrong with that) dropping to one knee, resting her forehead on her fist, and proceeding with fellatio. The male then finishes by firing his ejaculate wildly around the room.
Jane's in the back Teblowing Mark.

Why is there ejaculate on my ceiling? Were you getting Teblown in here?
by Iowasdumb November 18, 2011
Teblow, Teblowing, Teblowing it, Teblow me: Making an empty, aggrandized show of religiosity after taking a dump, successfully parking your car, or scoring a touchdown, even though your religion speaks specifically against it, and putting your head at tool height in the process.
"Hey, since you're down there, praying about finishing your baconator, would you mind Teblowing me?"
by BDfkdhfaEDGF December 30, 2011
The act of getting down on one knee and giving a blow job. There are certain rules and regulations that are involved with the Teblow: two fingers up your ass and it's a safety, tea bag her for a sack, cum in her hair is roughing the passer, spitting is a fumble. An interception is if a third party would grab the nut sack. Cum in the face is face masking, and blowing the load in your pants is a false start.
Susie was down on her knee to Teblow John, but he was flagged for a false start for jizzing his pants.
by Broncos15 January 02, 2012
When a chick gets down on one knee to blow your. Like being T-boned.... BUT BETTER!
After she lost the bet i made her get down and Te-blow me
by the Master Bitch! December 30, 2011
1. Getting hyped up so much for something, that you choke under all the pressure.

2. Getting blown by a girl tebowing (kneeling)
Did you see Kyle on stage last night? He totally Teblew it.

Did you hear about Tim and Katy Perry?
He totally got Teblown
by 50cal58 August 31, 2013
When someone takes a knee like Tim Tebow and performs oral sex.
After I won the argument I made her te blow me.
by murdoc?? January 01, 2012
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