An intardnet e-thug llama queef.
Teajizzy kills kittens with his karate skills!
by crate August 12, 2003
Top Definition
Nickname given to the username 'TGZ'. Often used when referring to 'TGZ' in a pimp-like or lady lovin' manner.
"Damn TeaJizzy sure gets all the hot ladies."
by TGZ August 07, 2003
Semen Cup
TeaJizzy can mean the contents of a Semen filled Cup.
by <<<<>>>> August 12, 2003
An adorable lover of GTO & and also known as TGZ.
That Teajizzy is one smooth cat!
by Zoltan Rosenburg August 13, 2003
TeaJizzy ...what a tooser :rolleyes:
by Skillful August 12, 2003
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