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To cause needless aggravation, annoyance or irritation.
My boss totally tazed me when he called that 10am meeting on Friday.

I don't mean to taze you, but, could you not do that in front of me?
by AmHm March 05, 2008
123 40
when someone pokes your sides from behind
guy :*tazes girl*
girl :hahahah stop it! :)
by aurora_is_ninja December 24, 2010
29 12
When a girl gives you a blowjob and also licks your balls
That bitch gave me the tazes last night.
by Nasty Nate March 22, 2005
16 13
1, do over, attack, mug, annoy, or irrate.

2, activity of enjoyment
1, eg "that old grannys got som cigs, Taze her!"

2, eg, "I went to throw glass at that mosher, it was a right taze!"
by Fearandloathing July 20, 2005
55 53
Dude, why did you taze me?
Rather than, Dude, why did you throw me under the bus?
by N Baldi August 04, 2008
17 32
there is no exact definition for the word taze.
you are such a taze!
dude...that was so taze!
taze me!
i'ma taze you
by Jakeyyy April 10, 2008
20 39
To hit with a miniature nuclear weapon.
The US tazed Caracas in 2015.
by Maj. T.J. 'King' Kong December 29, 2007
7 40